samedi 13 novembre 2010

New dates for the Call For Chapter

The date for the Call For Chapter has been extended. 

New dates are:
December 11, 2010:        Proposal Submission Deadline
January 11, 2011:               Notification of Acceptance
March 11, 2011:                 Full Chapter Submission
May 31, 2011:                      Review Results Returned
June 30, 2011:                    Revised Chapter Submission
July 30, 2011:                      Final Acceptance Notification
August 15, 2011:                Submission of Final Chapters

To submit a proposal is enough to send 2 or 3 pages resuming the main topics of the Chapter.
We are waiting for your proposals!

mardi 9 novembre 2010

Call For Chapter still few days...

The deadline for the Call for Chapter proposal is almost arrived. Officially it is within two days, November 11th.
To submit a proposal is enough to write a short document (2-3 pages) resuming the aim of the chapter and the main topics addressed and send it by email to at least one of us (my address is ivanbedini at gmail dot com).