mercredi 13 octobre 2010

Handbook presentation

  The purpose of the book is ambitious. As the title of this blog already announce the book title is:"Handbook of Research on E-Business Standards and Protocols: Documents, Data and Advanced Web Technologies".
It aims to collect a significant number of current works in the e-business domain and profile the tendencies in the next applications to come. For this the call for Chapter focus on several aspects and topics.
Firstly we call works around e-business standards (already existing, on going works or even to come) that historically have been the best, or simply the most used approach to the implementation of e-business applications.
The definition of e-business documents and processes or even approaches to their publication, presentation and integration is another classic topic for the domain on which we want to focus.
The Future Internet is becoming a reality that is surely impacting the e-business. For this we encourage proposals on those applications that are linked to the so called cloud computing with works and adoption of Internet of Things, Internet of Services, Semantic Web and Linked Open Data approaches for the e-business.
Another topic that we believe of importance for the domain is the theory, practice and visions of agent’s deployment in electronic business.
Last but not least also projects, results, methods, organization, lessons learned in specific sectors and applications (like E-government, e-Procurement, ..) domain will be part of the publication.
As we see the handbook tries to cover a wide area of the e-business domain. Probably other topics would deserve their place, but for sure it is a good and promising starting point.    

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